Aeguka Sweater


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Aeguka, translating to “the Patriotic Song” is the national anthem of South Korea. It was adopted in 1948, the year the country was founded. Its music was composed in the 1930s and arranged most recently in 2018; its lyrics date back to the 1890s. “Aegukga” in itself is differentiated from a national anthem. While a national anthem or gukga (meaning ‘national song’) is an official symbol of the state, aegukga refers to any song, official or unofficial, that contains patriotic fervor towards its country. The lyrics of Aeguka are posted on the back of the shirt, while the coordinates of Busan, Incheon, and Seoul are posted in the front.

Sizes Width (IN) Length (IN) Sleeve Center Back (IN)
S 20 27 33.5
M 22 28 34.5
L 24 29 35.5
XL 26 30 36.5
2XL 28 31 37.5
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